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As one of the pillars of the UCF Creed, we found it necessary to list Community as our first area of necessary action. We owe it to every sect and every community that interacts with our campus to serve them equally respectfully. We care about enhancing each student's collegiate experience. We care about making every single Knight feel a sense of identity, belonging, and comfortability with their university. To best execute that methodology, we have outlined the following plan to take the most proactive steps to enhancing UCF SG's relationship with the community. Students can see the first three bundled campaign points that exhibit comprehensive plans for improving in the realm of community involvement. 

  • UCF H.O.U.S.E. (Helping Out University Students Everywhere) 

    • Partner with the Southern Scholarship Foundation to bring a new Affordable Housing complex onto Campus to mitigate the effects of housing insecurity and aide Knights that identify as homeless. 

    • Create in partnership with Knights Pantry and UCF CARES a 24/7 on-campus shelter for at risk or homeless students.

  • Community Cohesion Program in the Greater-UCF Area

    • Providing UCF Flags to the local businesses to publicly display their pride for UCF and its students. When students present their student identification cards, they may be eligible for a unique discount. 

    • Partner with Businesses to allow Arts and Humanities students the opportunity to create murals and other art around the community

    • Partner with ROTC to implement the replacement of worn American Flags within the community 

  • Improvement of Leisure Aspect of Student Union

    • Reconfiguration and Expansion of Game room by introducing video game consoles and tv’s to enhance student interaction

    • Creation of designated “nap areas” within the Union, so students can have an inviting place to take a break

  • Create Corporate Contracts with US Airlines to provide standardized and predictable costs for both Registered Student Organizations and students seeking to travel and present research. This would allow students to avoid price inflation and use reputable airline companies to represent UCF all across the nation. 

  • Provide access to designated Theme Park Shuttles to take Knights to areas such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal 

  • Continuing to highlight the Philanthropic work of Greek Lettered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations 

  • Ensure the addition of an Amazon Locker for both the UCF Downtown and Rosen Campuses, as well as a second convenient location on the south side of UCF's Legacy Campus 

  • Reimagine the outside stage area in front of the Addition Financial Arena to provide a musical space with weekly sign up opportunities so students can highlight their musical talents 

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