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The reality of any platform looking to enact real change cannot abandon the field of diversity and inclusion. UCF Stands for Opportunity, and that is exactly why we have listened to the groups and communities of people that have consistently been repressed and silenced. We are proud that our initial campaign team was integral in forming this component of the platform because of our rich diversity as students that are different races, ethnicities, and religions. Some of the folks on our team are international students, while others serve as executives on the board for the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) and other areas of the Office of Student Involvement. UCF should be a place that accepts all good, loving people with open arms. We can only hope that our campaign can play a part in advancing those interests. 

  • Work in partnership with the Office of Student Involvement, Multicultural Student Center, and Veteran's Academic Resource Center to enhance and collaborate on events centered on events such as Holocaust Remembrance Day, Black History Month, and Pulse Remembrance Day, and Veteran's/Military Appreciation Week. 

  • Increasing the appointment of students from diversified student organizations (Greek Fraternities/Registered Student Organizations) to various Student Government branches

  • Implement supplemental diversity training for student employees

  • Support the expansion and regular maintenance of the developing Rosen Campus Diversity Garden

  • Creation of an on-campus Interfaith Council to bring about proactive and civil discussions concerning various religions and respect for religious diversity

  • Work with the University to allow students to enter their pronouns into campus data systems to support the members of the LGBTQ+ Community and all gender non-conforming individuals

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