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Since working as UCF Student Government’s Governmental Affairs Coordinator, Zak has been able to render important information to expand the student body's interests at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Zak has a level of fluency and understanding  of government that is unmatched in this race. To ignore the actions of government at a public institution is inconceivable, which is exactly why our team have developed a basic action plan to promote both our civic engagement efforts on campus and our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee concerning pertinent legislation to the student body.


Our campaign will prioritize the importance of relaying student interests to relevant leaders in Central Florida and the movers and shakers of politics in Tallahassee.  while the most desired results in politics can often work slowly, our campaign can assure the student body that we will remain steadfast and our commitment to delivering on a necessary agenda concerning governmental affairs and civic engagement.


  • Advocate to add signature panels on the back of Student ID Cards so that students can use them as the sole form of identification when going to vote. 

  • Facilitate more opportunities for students to engage in civil discourse regarding politics and the government. 

  • Continue to advocate for the protection of the Bright Futures in-state scholarship at its current maximum funding levels. 

  • Work with university leaders to declare Election Day as a holiday


  • Work to advance and disseminate information regarding the Open Academic Resource Grant Program to ensure that professors and students can assign/access textbooks at a cheaper rate. (HB 1377 / S 602)

  • Continue to partner with state legislators to add epi-pens onto college campuses for university students or guests that have food-borne allergies.  (HB 297 / S 622) 

  • Work with Veteran’s Academic Resource Center to disseminate information to graduate students regarding possible expansion of the Purple Heart Tuition Waiver. (HB 171 / S 372) 

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