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It is the expectation that when any individual walks onto anyone of our campuses, that he, she, or they will be safe and protected. While the UCF Police Department has an unparalleled team of qualified individuals, there are smaller and similarly meaningful steps that the Zak & Kristina Administration would be able to implement. 

  • Introduce the KnightLights Program

    • This would be the implementation of a new initiative campaign to fix the broken Blue Emergency Lights on campus and evaluating the addition of others 

    • We will seek to enhance lighting at night for current areas of campus that are low-lit and may cause Knights to feel unsafe or vulnerable 

  • Game Day Safety Improvements 

    • Providing water bottle fill stations to students while waiting in line prior to the start of football games, as there have been far too many students that have fainted or needed immediate medical treatment because of dehydration.

    • Providing shade pavilions with water misters for football games that take place during the daytime

  • Pedestrian and Bike Safety

    • Installing pedestrian steel bollards (heavy-duty posts embedded deep in the ground) at the off-campus Greek Park to eliminate the amount of pedestrian fatalities due to reckless and irresponsible motorists. 

    • Prioritizing the implementation of green colored bike lanes to give more visibility to bicyclist’s and their partitioned lanes. If more students feel safe why biking to, from, and around campus, then students will feel more inclined to ride bicycles instead of vehicles. 

    • Increasing number of lighted pedestrian crosswalk signs to protect students to ensure that students crossing the road at night feel safe and seen.

    • Rethinking the way students commute by painting lane bike boxes to reduce injuries and allow bicyclist’s safe and visible way to get ahead of traffic.

  • Addition of Convex Security Mirrors in parking garages so that motorists can see around corners and prevent blindspot vehicle collisions. 

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