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We stand with the mantra that all UCF students should strive to be "healthy knights".  We know that the path to achieving this requires a multifaceted approach: one that includes accommodations made for all types of individuals with different needs and different expectations. It seemed necessary to include this component of the platform because we will consistently fight for all Knights to lead better lives for themselves and the people around them. 

  • Addition of a healthy restaurant on campus with viable vegan options, while simultaneously increasing Halal and Kosher options on all campuses. 

  • Increasing the amount of free menstrual products that are available to students in facilities all around campus, not just in the Student Union

  • Address short term food insecurity concerns by implementing the option for students to transfer unused "swipes" at the university's two main campus dining halls

  • Work towards the expansion of single-use gender neutral Restrooms on all campuses and in buildings other than the Student Union on main campus.

  • Addition of a dining location open 24 hours per day to cater to students that live on campus and have abnormal work or academic schedules 

  • Partner with the Florida Department of Agriculture to bring Fresh From Florida outreach/interaction stations to UCF Football Games to promote the use of meat/produce distributed from in-state farmers and ranchers. 

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