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Our team was adamant about designating a portion of our platform towards our advocacy efforts at the university. Often times, students come up to us, asking to make changes in areas that we unfortunately have little control over. While we cannot definitively commit to a positive outcome of every single student concern, we can commit that we will lead the student government with clarity and transparency moving forward. Certainly, student leaders hold some leverage in communicating student concerns to upper levels of administration or University administrators in areas outside of Student Development and Enrollment Services. This is the exact reason we commit to advocating on students behaves with some of the concerns that been brought forth to us. We don’t believe in making promises that we can’t follow through on, so we would rather be intentional about how we stage our priorities and initiatives upfront. If a student has a concern, we will never leave them behind.

  • Utilization of Student Government media to cater to the promotional needs and interests of hundreds of other organizations on campus

  • Increasing the number of garbage and recycling receptacles on campus

  • Commit to the promotion of a UCF-Specific Ride Share App like “reThink Your Commute,” so that UCF can play an active role in offering alternative and safe transportation options to students

  • Providing Arts and Humanities students with full Adobe Creative Suite to maximize creative learning potential and professional-grade certification opportunities.

  • Increasing athletics attendance at all sporting events while simultaneously increasing retention rate of students who stay for the duration of the event

  • Improving the mentorship program in partnership with UCF Global to pair incoming international students with already acclimated international students.

  • Work to protect the Parramore Community Center located in Downtown Orlando from destruction or demolition

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