We're fighting for...

A distinguished research university, students should always feel like they have a space to learn, collaborate, and consider new ideas in their respective fields. It will be a pillar of the Zak & Kristina Administration to make all of the following services available to students.


Students should not have to face burdens in the realm of academics. So long as Zak & Kristina have any say over the matter, we will seek to find any way of implementing the following ideas: 

  • Creating a syllabus bank that faculty can use to upload syllabuses to give students early insight when choosing courses

  • Reducing Transcript Costs by subsidizing students first transcript request

  • Increasing the amount of iClickers that are available for students to rent for free at the John C. Hitt Library 

  • Creating a Student Employee Council to ensure collaboration among student organizations when it comes to advocating for student workers 

  • See that the John C. Hitt Library becomes a 24-hour accessible library for students to work and study during any time of the semester after the completion of the last phase of the library expansion

  • Addition of a free printing area in the library 

  • Increasing the number of Scholarships available to Graduate and Transfer students as well as creating unique ones for video gaming, arts and humanities students, etc... We are also committed to finding ways of offering scholarships to international students. 

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