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As one of the pillars of the UCF Creed, we found it necessary to list Community as our first area of necessary action. We owe it to every sect and every community that interacts with our campus to serve them equally respectfully. We care about enhancing each student's collegiate experience. We care about making every single Knight feel a sense of identity, belonging, and comfortability with their university. To best execute that methodology, we have outlined the following plan to take the most proactive steps to enhancing UCF SG's relationship with the community. Students can see the first three bundled campaign points that exhibit comprehensive plans for improving in the realm of community involvement. 

  • UCF H.O.U.S.E. (Helping Out University Students Everywhere) 

    • Partner with the Southern Scholarship Foundation to bring a new Affordable Housing complex onto Campus to mitigate the effects of housing insecurity and aide Knights that identify as homeless. 

    • Create in partnership with Knights Pantry and UCF CARES a 24/7 on-campus shelter for at risk or homeless students.

  • Community Cohesion Program in the Greater-UCF Area

    • Providing UCF Flags to the local businesses to publicly display their pride for UCF and its students. When students present their student identification cards, they may be eligible for a unique discount. 

    • Partner with Businesses to allow Arts and Humanities students the opportunity to create murals and other art around the community

    • Partner with ROTC to implement the replacement of worn American Flags within the community 

  • Improvement of Leisure Aspect of Student Union

    • Reconfiguration and Expansion of Game room by introducing video game consoles and tv’s to enhance student interaction

    • Creation of designated “nap areas” within the Union, so students can have an inviting place to take a break

  • Create Corporate Contracts with US Airlines to provide standardized and predictable costs for both Registered Student Organizations and students seeking to travel and present research. This would allow students to avoid price inflation and use reputable airline companies to represent UCF all across the nation. 

  • Provide access to designated Theme Park Shuttles to take Knights to areas such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal 

  • Continuing to highlight the Philanthropic work of Greek Lettered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations 

  • Ensure the addition of an Amazon Locker for both the UCF Downtown and Rosen Campuses, as well as a second convenient location on the south side of UCF's Legacy Campus 

  • Reimagine the outside stage area in front of the Addition Financial Arena to provide a musical space with weekly sign up opportunities so students can highlight their musical talents 

We're fighting for...


It is the expectation that when any individual walks onto anyone of our campuses, that he, she, or they will be safe and protected. While the UCF Police Department has an unparalleled team of qualified individuals, there are smaller and similarly meaningful steps that the Zak & Kristina Administration would be able to implement. 

  • Introduce the KnightLights Program

    • This would be the implementation of a new initiative campaign to fix the broken Blue Emergency Lights on campus and evaluating the addition of others 

    • We will seek to enhance lighting at night for current areas of campus that are low-lit and may cause Knights to feel unsafe or vulnerable 

  • Game Day Safety Improvements 

    • Providing water bottle fill stations to students while waiting in line prior to the start of football games, as there have been far too many students that have fainted or needed immediate medical treatment because of dehydration.

    • Providing shade pavilions with water misters for football games that take place during the daytime

  • Pedestrian and Bike Safety

    • Installing pedestrian steel bollards (heavy-duty posts embedded deep in the ground) at the off-campus Greek Park to eliminate the amount of pedestrian fatalities due to reckless and irresponsible motorists. 

    • Prioritizing the implementation of green colored bike lanes to give more visibility to bicyclist’s and their partitioned lanes. If more students feel safe why biking to, from, and around campus, then students will feel more inclined to ride bicycles instead of vehicles. 

    • Increasing number of lighted pedestrian crosswalk signs to protect students to ensure that students crossing the road at night feel safe and seen.

    • Rethinking the way students commute by painting lane bike boxes to reduce injuries and allow bicyclist’s safe and visible way to get ahead of traffic.

  • Addition of Convex Security Mirrors in parking garages so that motorists can see around corners and prevent blindspot vehicle collisions. 


We're fighting for...

A a distinguished research university, students should always feel like they have a space to learn, collaborate, and consider new ideas in their respective fields. It will be a pillar of the Zak & Kristina Administration to make all of the following services available to students.


Students should not have to face burdens in the realm of academics. So long as Zak & Kristina have any say over the matter, we will seek to find any way of implementing the following ideas: 

  • Creating a syllabus bank that faculty can use to upload syllabuses to give students early insight when choosing courses

  • Reducing Transcript Costs by subsidizing students first transcript request

  • Increasing the amount of iClickers that are available for students to rent for free at the John C. Hitt Library 

  • Creating a Student Employee Council to ensure collaboration among student organizations when it comes to advocating for student workers 

  • See that the John C. Hitt Library becomes a 24-hour accessible library for students to work and study during any time of the semester after the completion of the last phase of the library expansion

  • Addition of a free printing area in the library 

  • Increasing the number of Scholarships available to Graduate and Transfer students as well as creating unique ones for video gaming, arts and humanities students, etc... We are also committed to finding ways of offering scholarships to international students. 

We're fighting for...


The reality of any platform looking to enact real change cannot abandon the field of diversity and inclusion. UCF Stands for Opportunity, and that is exactly why we have listened to the groups and communities of people that have consistently been repressed and silenced. We are proud that our initial campaign team was integral in forming this component of the platform because of our rich diversity as students that are different races, ethnicities, and religions. Some of the folks on our team are international students, while others serve as executives on the board for the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) and other areas of the Office of Student Involvement. UCF should be a place that accepts all good, loving people with open arms. We can only hope that our campaign can play a part in advancing those interests. 

  • Work in partnership with the Office of Student Involvement, Multicultural Student Center, and Veteran's Academic Resource Center to enhance and collaborate on events centered on events such as Holocaust Remembrance Day, Black History Month, and Pulse Remembrance Day, and Veteran's/Military Appreciation Week. 

  • Increasing the appointment of students from diversified student organizations (Greek Fraternities/Registered Student Organizations) to various Student Government branches

  • Implement supplemental diversity training for student employees

  • Support the expansion and regular maintenance of the developing Rosen Campus Diversity Garden

  • Creation of an on-campus Interfaith Council to bring about proactive and civil discussions concerning various religions and respect for religious diversity

  • Work with the University to allow students to enter their pronouns into campus data systems to support the members of the LGBTQ+ Community and all gender non-conforming individuals

We're fighting for...


In surveying students, our team has consistently found that the environment and sustainability at are the absolute top of student priorities, especially when it comes to the actions of the local, state, or federal government. While we cannot promise outcomes in that realm, we can strive to deliver a platform area that focuses on sustainability and preserving the place that we love so much. So often, the green/outdoor spaces on campus are among the most common areas for students to relax and enjoy their day in. It is our priority to keep those spaces clean and healthy so that students and visitors alike can continue to enjoy them.

  • Revitalizing open green spaces to include biodiversity gardens and the introduction of native non-invasive species

  • Partnering with Wellness Health Promotion Services, the UCF Arboretum, and Area Councils/Housing and Residence life to create Residential Hall Community Gardens 

  • Support the continuation of the Green Greeks Project 

  • Work collaboratively with Sustainability Initiatives (SI) and Career Services (CSEL) to see the creation of a “Green" Jobs fair, highlighting jobs in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

  • Implementation of a "Sustainability Integration Curriculum" to prepare the future of the workforce to adopt sustainable practices

  • Facilitating partnerships between Student Government and Anaerobic Digestion Plants to increase the conversion of food to biogas to further the advancement of UCF Sustainability Initiatives' Climate Action Plan.

  • Continuation of the Knights Go Green Tailgate Recycling Program

We're fighting for...


We stand with the mantra that all UCF students should strive to be "healthy knights".  We know that the path to achieving this requires a multifaceted approach: one that includes accommodations made for all types of individuals with different needs and different expectations. It seemed necessary to include this component of the platform because we will consistently fight for all Knights to lead better lives for themselves and the people around them. 

  • Addition of a healthy restaurant on campus with viable vegan options, while simultaneously increasing Halal and Kosher options on all campuses. 

  • Increasing the amount of free menstrual products that are available to students in facilities all around campus, not just in the Student Union

  • Address short term food insecurity concerns by implementing the option for students to transfer unused "swipes" at the university's two main campus dining halls

  • Work towards the expansion of single-use gender neutral Restrooms on all campuses and in buildings other than the Student Union on main campus.

  • Addition of a dining location open 24 hours per day to cater to students that live on campus and have abnormal work or academic schedules 

  • Partner with the Florida Department of Agriculture to bring Fresh From Florida outreach/interaction stations to UCF Football Games to promote the use of meat/produce distributed from in-state farmers and ranchers. 

We're increasing our...


Our team was adamant about designating a portion of our platform towards our advocacy efforts at the university. Often times, students come up to us, asking to make changes in areas that we unfortunately have little control over. While we cannot definitively commit to a positive outcome of every single student concern, we can commit that we will lead the student government with clarity and transparency moving forward. Certainly, student leaders hold some leverage in communicating student concerns to upper levels of administration or University administrators in areas outside of Student Development and Enrollment Services. This is the exact reason we commit to advocating on students behaves with some of the concerns that been brought forth to us. We don’t believe in making promises that we can’t follow through on, so we would rather be intentional about how we stage our priorities and initiatives upfront. If a student has a concern, we will never leave them behind.

  • Utilization of Student Government media to cater to the promotional needs and interests of hundreds of other organizations on campus

  • Increasing the number of garbage and recycling receptacles on campus

  • Commit to the promotion of a UCF-Specific Ride Share App like “reThink Your Commute,” so that UCF can play an active role in offering alternative and safe transportation options to students

  • Providing Arts and Humanities students with full Adobe Creative Suite to maximize creative learning potential and professional-grade certification opportunities.

  • Increasing athletics attendance at all sporting events while simultaneously increasing retention rate of students who stay for the duration of the event

  • Improving the mentorship program in partnership with UCF Global to pair incoming international students with already acclimated international students.

  • Work to protect the Parramore Community Center located in Downtown Orlando from destruction or demolition

We're fighting to address...


Since working as UCF Student Government’s Governmental Affairs Coordinator, Zak has been able to render important information to expand the student body's interests at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Zak has a level of fluency and understanding  of government that is unmatched in this race. To ignore the actions of government at a public institution is inconceivable, which is exactly why our team have developed a basic action plan to promote both our civic engagement efforts on campus and our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee concerning pertinent legislation to the student body.


Our campaign will prioritize the importance of relaying student interests to relevant leaders in Central Florida and the movers and shakers of politics in Tallahassee.  while the most desired results in politics can often work slowly, our campaign can assure the student body that we will remain steadfast and our commitment to delivering on a necessary agenda concerning governmental affairs and civic engagement.


  • Advocate to add signature panels on the back of Student ID Cards so that students can use them as the sole form of identification when going to vote. 

  • Facilitate more opportunities for students to engage in civil discourse regarding politics and the government. 

  • Continue to advocate for the protection of the Bright Futures in-state scholarship at its current maximum funding levels. 

  • Work with university leaders to declare Election Day as a holiday


  • Work to advance and disseminate information regarding the Open Academic Resource Grant Program to ensure that professors and students can assign/access textbooks at a cheaper rate. (HB 1377 / S 602)

  • Continue to partner with state legislators to add epi-pens onto college campuses for university students or guests that have food-borne allergies.  (HB 297 / S 622) 

  • Work with Veteran’s Academic Resource Center to disseminate information to graduate students regarding possible expansion of the Purple Heart Tuition Waiver. (HB 171 / S 372) 

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