Zak Myers is a third-year student at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Public Administration with a triple minor in Urban & Regional Planning, Emergency Management & Homeland Security, and Florida Studies.


He currently serves the student body as the Governmental Affairs Coordinator in UCF's Student Government. In that capacity, Zak has been responsible for forming the complete list of seven different legislative priorities to bring forth to Tallahassee, intended on reflecting the interests of the nearly 70,000 vital stakeholders our university has: our students. During his tenure, he has organized the largest and most ambitious Day at The Capitol our university has ever seen. He is a passionate student leader, focused on bettering the lives and experiences of every single Knight. His passions lie in education, intergovernmental administration, and civic engagement. 

Prior to serving in the Executive Branch of Student Government, Zak was a SG Senator from the College of Community Innovation & Education, fighting to ensure that all Knights had equal access and a common understanding of their respective colleges and funding process. He served under the Senate President as the External Legislative Assistant, where he sought to organize much-needed internal change to the branch and its approach to achieving college-based initiatives. Because of that, Zak has a dynamic understanding of the problems and issues that each of the university's 13 colleges encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

As a native Floridian, Zak was born in Osceola County and raised in Broward County. He grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and attended South Broward High School prior to coming to UCF. 

Zak believes that the most important qualities that a person can have are adaptability, resiliency, and integrity. He has taken the entirety of his professional life to render those skills to their best use by serving his university and serving communities all across the great State of Florida in the public sector. 

True to his core, Zak knows that every single person matters and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. He knows that proactive solutions may only come about because of bold and innovative ideas, by way of qualified and tenacious leaders. With the utmost clarity, Zak understands the responsibility and commitment that UCF's Student Body President must have to effectively serve its constituents. He has committed his life to being an honest public servant and will continue to do so with honor, dignity, and a fighting spirit as The University of Central Florida's 2020 Student Body President. 


Born and raised in Pembroke Pines, FL, Kristina A. Lawrence relocated to the Orlando area in late 2016. Following her graduation from Pembroke Pines Charter High school, she attended Valencia College following a denial letter into what she hoped to be her future home, UCF. For a year and a half, she worked to propel herself to the next stage in her academic career, and eventually was able to become a member of Knight Nation in the Fall of 2018.


Within the time span of a single academic year, Kristina was able to immerse herself in involvement areas including Student Government as a Senator for the Nicholson School of Communication and Media. While there, she worked to improve and facilitate connections between higher administration and the student body. In addition, she served as the Marketing and PR coordinator for Knight of the RoundTable, where students and RSO were able to connect and grow with each other. With minor involvement in NCNW, she also met some of her closest friends and confidants, helping to push her to the next level.


While she is often recognized upon campus through her ambassadorship for the UCF Downtown location, many have had the chance to interact with her as a result of her employment at the Marquee Apartments. Having helped students from across the globe to find their new home, Kristina took pride in being able to connect with so many types of individuals with her multifaceted involvement.   


After taking courses within the NSCM Communication and Conflict program and a minor in Political Science, Kristina was able to graduate after a single year and even had the chance to begin coursework in her anticipated master's program. As of this Spring Semester, Kristina is now a full-time Graduate Student and holds an internship position within Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems as a communications and marketing associate. Having such vast opportunities has helped her to grow into her greatest self, and has enhanced her natural abilities to lead and uplift those around her.


While it takes a village to enact change, she believes it also takes strong will and determination in order to see the fruits of ones labor in the long run. With the opportunity to serve as a potential VP and by having a spot amongst this years Campaign ticket, Kristina has grown elated from the idea of bringing strong platforms and the rare opportunity to serve a student body as elaborate and unique as that of the University of Central Florida. Although there is always room for improvement, she knows that the love and knowledge surrounding her university will help it to continuously thrive in the public and private reaches of the nation.

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